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Flucturion and Psybrothers - Contrary to Prioritys

Производитель:Insomnia Records

Лейбл: Insomnia Records
Жанр: Psychedelic
Стиль: Dark
Продолжительность: 01:18:53

01. Flucturion vs. Jun - Kino Bot [08:24]
02. Flucturion vs. Matted Snooze - Hammm [07:40]
03. Flucturion vs. Sprinter - No Xplode Period [07:30]
04. Flucturion - Torque.Exe (Dark Whisper Rmx) [06:52]
05. Flucturion vs. Specter Of Sound - Precision Ricoshet [09:39]
06. Flucturion - Bynon Nepignon [07:04]
07. Flucturion vs. Twisted Psychology - Aeroballet [08:02]
08. Flucturion vs. Dismorphic - Bypass Slow Motion [06:26]
09. Uthu - South Wind (Flucturion Rmx) [07:42]
10. Flucturion - Neonamaskarartha (2009 Rework) [09:33]

Flucturion's 'Contrary To Prioritys' is an audio proclamation of Konstantin Yakushin from Moscow. He devoting it to all psychedelic dancefloors in the world, offering the large variety of layered soundscapes mixed with hard bouncing kicks and hypnotic bass lines. This post-modernistic debut album is throwing out a challenge to current musical industry standards with its uncompromising revision of 2000's trance legacy. Listen and enjoy!

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Flucturion and Psybrothers - Contrary to Prioritys