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V/A - Cosmic Alchemy

Производитель:Organic Alchemy

... which will provides you to a different cosmic dimensions, where you can feel a power of vibrating galaxies. In this release you will find such artists like Olien and Kraft with deep fx space sound, Psychoson and Saiko Feis band from Greece with smooth and energetic bassline and creespy leads will prepare you to the trip. Eitonin will show you bells dimension, Digitalist from Switzerland with very unusual sound, interested tunes from Primordial Ooze, also you will find a new tallented perspective name Egova from Russia with intensive dark shamanic deeptrance and offcouse full power acid morning by Noise Gust from Japan.

01. Psychoson - Liquid Palm 08:04
02. Saiko Feis Feat. T. A. O. R - Full Bd 08:42
03. Eitonin - Mirrorbells 08:49
04. Kraft - Galaxious (Liquid Plasma Rmx) 07:09
05. Olien - Creamides (Special Edition) 07:52
06. Primordial Ooze - Oneself 07:43
07. Digitalist - Ups I Ate The Universe 08:07
08. Egova - Conference 06:40
09. Kraft - Acidust (Final Edit) 07:04
10. Noise Gust - One Big Bug 08:41

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V/A - Cosmic Alchemy