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V/A - Chaotic Harmony

Производитель:Sun StationРоссия

dj Iris presents the new musical map for a mystical journey! The soundwaves will take you through a maze of magic forests and seashores into the deepest structures of your mind. Remember that you will not get lost in this serious trip, because the harmony of mind and spirit is always stronger than chaos, and by transforming chaos into order, the consciousness is moving towards enlightenment.

To your attention fresh tracks from such masters of genre, like Ocelot, CPC, DoHm, Drury Nevil, Overdream, Psychoson, Aku Aku, RED, N.O.M.

Visionary artwork is made by Ihtianderson. Mastering by Makus (Overdream Studio).

1. OCELOT - Tiny Dragon (Remix) 07:02 download
2. DOHM - Forest Pipes 07:39 download
3. DRURY NEVIL - Ducked Tail 07:38 download
4. OVERDREAM - Double Rainbow 07:20 download
5. PSYCHOSON - Mega Dance 07:54 download
6. RED - White Night (Lab Remix) 07:44 download
7. N.O.M. - Touch Of God (Somarobotics Remix) 07:57 download
8. AKU AKU vs NAVERIUS - C3pio 07:49 download
9. AKU AKU - Dark Shadow 07:56 download
10. CPC - Reincarnation 06:49

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V/A - Chaotic Harmony