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Ocelot - 9 Lives


1. Ride the WAV
2. Dream Waves
3. Bananas
4. Instinctual Logic
5. Future Communication
6. X-drive
7. Toy Boat
8. Carrier Wave
9. Thoughts per Second

Fast forward to the future. Psychedelic trance takes a big leap forward with this stunning release from oCeLoT. 9 lives, 9 tracks, 1 crazy cat...this stuff is hypnotic to the max. Follow each twist and turn as you probe deeper into the unconscious psyche than ever before. Sophisticated and sexy grooves suck you into a world of shimmering surreal textures, alien melodies, with a compelling drive that won't let go. The clarity of sound quality will delight your ears. The sheer intensity and depth of this music will shock and stimulate your brain. This is music to awaken the mind. Your neurons will leap to attention. This is the ultimate antidote for the retro malaise. Screw the 80's! This is the next generation of Zaikadelic trance music.

Demo: http://www.zaikadelic.com/releases.html#9lives

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Ocelot - 9 Lives