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Troglodytes - Written in Stoned

Производитель:Insomnia Records

Лейбл: Insomnia
Стиль: Psychedelic, Forest Dark Psytrance
Треки: 9
Время звучания: 01:18:06

1. The River Has A Destination
2. Color Outside The Lines
3. Past Gnosis
4. Sacred Weeds
5. Dubbed Memory
6. Mushroom Hunters
7. Animal Vision
8. Stoned Phase
9. And You Feel It

'Written in Stoned' is the really high recommend debut album by Troglodytes presented by Insomnia records. Deep in Sweden somewhere in mountains two old friends issued a bit melancholic but still joyful flying sound canvas, inspired by their hard life experience as party animals and hunter gatherers. Deep and minimalistic music of Troglodytes kicks in your brain and body making them move to the ancient tribal rhythms of cave people. Some dirty synths and battle cries included as well. In our humble opinion nobody should miss these outstanding folkloristic tunes whilst they are available in souvenir shops around. Enjoy!

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Troglodytes - Written in Stoned