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V/A - In Da Blood

Производитель:Insomnia Records

Label: Insomnia Records
Жанр: Psychedelic
Стиль: Dark psytrance
Треков: 9

1. Savage Scream - The Pupil
2. Kindzadza & Mubali - Normal Preashure
3. Galaxy Madness - Mad Synthesizer (CPU100% rmx)
4. Silent Horror - Distorted
5. Haunted Castle - Hologram
6. Furious & Kraft - 226.06.06
7. Already Maged - Pagan Autumn
8. CPC - Piter 25
9. Osom & Matutero - Shadi se pehle

"In Da Blood" is an apocalyptic message for all mystic night psy-trance addicts. The main idea of "In Da Blood" is to show a strong connection between life and death at planet Earth. We believe that music as universal language can show to mankind the efficient way to painless pass from one state of matter to another.

To prove this Insomnia records' Dj Becar has carefully chosen fresh tunes by top-notch psychedelic trance producers from all over the world. Deep, fat and bouncing tracks deliver to the listener an original full power experience in the best Insomnia traditions. You'll found here all you love in label's style. This cd is extremely honest, massive and uncompromising!

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V/A - In Da Blood