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Crying Orc / Technical Hitch - Crying Orchestra

Производитель:Insomnia Records

Исполнитель: Crying Orc & Technical Hitch
Диск: Crying Orchestra
Лейбл: Insomnia Records
Жанр: Psychedelic
Стиль: Dark
Треков: 12
Время звучания: 77:49

01. Crying Orc - Futuristic Poetry [07:11]
02. Crying Orc - Gaspard De La Nuit [02:06]
03. Crying Orc - The Black Wizard [07:46]
04. Crying Orc - Crying Orchestra [09:42]
05. Crying Orc - Sympozium [08:11]
06. Crying Orc - The Endless Light [06:12]
07. Technical Hitch - My Pain And Sadness [00:53]
08. Technical Hitch - Intensive Psychedelic Care [08:25]
09. Technical Hitch - Neurotic Hope [06:48]
10. Technical Hitch - Crying Troglodyte (Cavepeople Rmx) [10:07]
11. Technical Hitch - Musical Quest [01:06]
12. Technical Hitch Vs Srul - The End [09:22]

David Semo aka Diko, based in Yavne, Israel, has been producing psytrance under the name Crying Orc/ Technical Hitch since 2004. This debut album is a musical quest to the unknown shapes and sounds of the ancient symphony that got lost during the dark age of psychedelic music. It took about 2 years of creation to make it happen. David Semo put all his passion in this piece of trance-art which stands out of current genre standards and trends.

The goal of releasing a split album of one man side-projects was to show audience worldwide a richness of composer's talent and personality. Each track here is a complex and unique psychedelic journey through sound. On 'Crying Orchestra' you will find epic goa-trance hymns as well as funky forest tunes and some real dark nighttime stompers produced all by David, excluding a couple of collaborations with Troglodytes and Srul.

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Crying Orc / Technical Hitch - Crying Orchestra