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Polyphonia - Future World

Производитель:Insomnia Records

Исполнитель: Polyphonia
Диск: Future World
Лейбл: Insomnia Records
Жанр: Psychedelic
Стиль: Dark
Кол-во композиций: 11
Время: 74:00 Мин

1. Future World
2. Voodoo Style
3. Other Reality
4. Altered States
5. Viva La Revolution
6. Distorted Reality
7. Expander Of The mind
8. Spiritual War
9. The Last One
10. Volt Thrower

"Future World" by Polyphonia is a visionary audio story inspired by psychedelic experiments of Rolos from ancient land of Greece. The man behind this project is well known by his numerous releases at some of most respected psy-trance labels nowadays. We proudly present you the debut album of this talented artist.

In few words "Future World" may be described as an essence of contemporary full power dance music. It offers to the listener a variety of beautiful and energizing hi-tech soundscapes with an odd flavour of best psychedelic night dancefloors. We see this album as a perfect party tool and home entertainment. With "Future World" Moscow based Insomnia records once again in the trance community with a stunning and massive release which won't leave anybody indifferent. So get in and enjoy the music. Just don't forget your brain in weird Polyphonia reality. Strongly recommended to listen as LOUD as possible!

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Polyphonia - Future World