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Para Halu on the Path - Wide Range


1. Flash Signal
2. Naplement
3. Patternoia
4. Babylon
5. Methedrine Wave
6. Cybertalp
7. Rollertoaster
8. Blackhole
9. Radar
10. Alien Symphony

The brand new Para Halu vs The Path collaboration album WIDE RANGE shows way more melodies than the earlier Para Halu works and out-of-the-box fusions between various musical genres while still rooted on pure energetic psytrance. WIDE RANGE is a tricky combination of twisted sounds, futuristic basslines, haunting progressive beats, deep emotional atmospheres and retrospective goa-trance vibes. This collaboration of Adam Hohmann, Andras Fekete, and Peter Takacs followed an entire year of studio production and successful tests upon the psychedelic morning dancefloors of the world. The music is heavy yet gentle, deep yet uplifting, psychedelic yet groovy at the same time. The experiences evoked are absolutely indescribable. Don't miss it!

Demo: http://www.zaikadelic.com/releases.html#widerange

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Para Halu on the Path - Wide Range